How to Clone Products

The clone feature of Cascade is a useful tool that creates copies of products. You might consider making a clone to create a product that uses the exact same images and layout as another product, but with a different cover. Or perhaps you want to convert an album into a photo book or vice versa. By cloning, you can easily create something similar to an existing product without needing to re-add images or redesign pages.

  1. Click on the clone button and the Configuration Options Dialog will launch
  2. Select a product type you would like to use for your cloned product
  3. Navigate through the Configuration Options using the Next and Previous Buttons, click "Finish" to open the Designer Screen

Images from the product you've cloned will appear in the designer in the same order and layout styles that were created in the existing album. You can choose to leave the layout as is to create an exact replica. However, feel free to arrange images in a different order or completely redesign any pages you wish. Be sure to look through your preview from cover to cover to make sure that all features were cloned to your liking, and make any adjustments. Pay special attention to features that are not in common between the clone and the original product. For example, if you cloned a product with a leather cover into a product with a photo wrap cover, be sure to add an image to your new product's cover. Refer to documentation on The Designer Screen for more information.

Another way to create a clone of an existing product is during the checkout process. Open the checkout dialog by clicking an "Order" button in the product browser, or the "Add to Cart" button in the album designer. Then, click the "Clone" button. Follow the steps stated earlier to finish the cloning process.