What Is Cascade?

Cascade is a desktop album design software that allows you to create and order custom printed photo albums and press books using images from your computer. Cascade assists you in creating a product that is uniquely your own through personalization options such as cover style options, material options, page options, size options and much more. Throughout the creation process, Cascade provides various opportunities to preview the look of your product while displaying updated changes to your product's total cost - giving you control over the look and cost of your final product.

Note: Check out our Flash tutorials for a great introduction to the features of Cascade.

System Requirements

Cascade is compatible with all current Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Cascade is an application built on top of the Adobe Air platform. To see specific system requirements for Adobe Air, please visit http://www.adobe.com/products/air/systemreqs/.


To install Cascade on your system please visit http://www.blackriverimaging.com/order-cascade.asp.

You will require a Black River Imaging customer account to log in to the site and download the application.

To install Cascade, locate the application's Installer Badge and click Install Now. If you do not have Adobe Air installed on your system, you will be prompted to install it before downloading and installing Cascade.

Contact & Technical Support

We are here to help with any questions, comments or issues you may be experiencing. Please contact us at custserv@blackriverimaging.com and we will try our best to reply within 24 hours.